What is a growler?

   A Growler is a means to transport fresh beer.  In the late 1800's and early 1900's, fresh beer was carried from the local pub to one's home by means of a small-galvanized bucket.  When the beer sloshed around the pail, it created a rumbling sound as the CO2 escaped through the lid, thus the term "Growler" was coined.  

  Growlers are filled straight from the tap, sealed with a twist cap, often with a heat sealed plastic wrap. Fill prices range anywhere from around $8 to $30. You can bring back your washed growler to refill or purchase new ones at our store location Just note that you must always refrigerate growlers. Doing so will give them a shelf life of just over a week or more and around 2-3 days once opened.
A growler is a great way to take home some fresh brew from a local brewery or brewpub and share with friends. 

       Fill up a growler to go!

Taste It  

Try up to three free samples or a few different different beers in one of our beer flights! Our selection is made up of 30 taps which feature a variety of beers, root beer and even cider and wine.

tap it  

Once you find a beer that meets your approval, you can choose either one of our 32oz/64oz growlers to fill up with.  We fill anyone's Growler, including other stores bottles. We will pull the tap and fill it to the rim.

take it  

We heat seal your growler and and you are on your way to enjoying the finest craft beers available in Gainesville.  Enjoy Your Brew! We'll see you again soon!