Here at Tap It Gainesville Growers we have kegs to-go available to help you stock your next party, event, soiree, tailgate, or shindig! We supply multiple size kegs that range from 5 gallon Pony Kegs to 15 gallon Full Size Kegs.  We offer beer and wine catering options for any type of event. Bartenders are also available to pour for your event.

***Please allow for a one-week advance notice to plan accordingly.***

If you would like to purchase kegs, rent equipment or rent a bartender from Tap It, just ask us! Come see us in person, contact us by phone or send us a message to place an order or ask us any questions you may have. Cheers!

We also provide rentals for Keg Taps and Jockey Box setups. What is a Jockey Box you ask? Jockey Boxes are a great way to keep the beer flowing and cold. They allow you to dispense keg beer anywhere, anytime using CO2 for dispensing. Jockey Boxes are the easy way to serve cold beer for any occasion. For more information on Tap and Jockey Box rentals please give us a call or contact us by email located on our Contact page.

Jockey Box Set Up includes:

Jockey Box Cooler

CO2 Tank

50 gal plastic bin

Kegs To-Go and Beer Catering